Spend a day learning about the history of Perry County at Little Buffalo State Park.

Little Buffalo State Park is well known for it’s history of pioneers settling the area.  Most famous is Shoaffs Mill, a grist mill that is still in operation since 1840.  The Blue Ball Tavern was a popular eating and drinking establishment, and served as sleeping quarters for travelers during the war of 1812.  Today you can visit the museum and library that stands on the spot, and learn about this interesting time period.  You can also visit Clays Covered Bridge, one of the first types of bridges built to gap long distances, an architectural innovation for the time, and Newport and Sherman’s Valley Railroad, a historical railroad built in 1890 to haul timber.

Little Buffalo State Park offers many things to do when you are looking to get out in nature as well.  From swimming, boating, and fishing to nine trails of hiking in the warmer seasons, there are many ways to enjoy the park.  Even in winter, the park is available for cross country skiing, iceskating, and ice fishing.

1579 State Park Road, Newport, PA  17074:  717.567.9255

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